"Error: Unable to upload INI file"

Task 3 (Web Deployment) cannot proceed when the error message "Unable to upload INI file" is displayed in the status window.

Cause: Failure to upload an INI file can result from one of two causes: Appeon Server has not been started or the appeondb data source is not running. Appeon Developer will upload an empty INI file to AppeonDB on the Appeon Server if no INI files are selected for deployment.

Solution: Follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Step 1: Verify that Appeon Server has been started.

Step 2: Connect to Appeon Server in Sybase Central (EAServer Manager). Right-click appeondb in the data source folder, and select "Ping". If pinging the appeondb data source fails, refer to Fail to ping appeondb data source

Step 3: Restart Appeon Server and deploy the application again.