"License error: 10999 ..." when starting Appeon Server in 64-bit OS

After installing Appeon Server to EAServer running on 64-bit OS, the following error occurs when Appeon Server starts.

Figure 93. License error

License error

Cause A & Solution A: Same as the error "Cannot find the language resource file (dblgzh11.dll, dblgen11.dll)".

Cause B: EAServer is not running in 64-bit mode.

Solution B: See below for how to configure and run EAServer 6.x on a 64-bit OS.

Step 1: Download and install the 64-bit version of JDK.

  1. Download jdk-1_5_0_15-windows-amd64.exe.

    1. Go to http://java.sun.com/products/archive/j2se/5.0_15/index.html.

    2. Click "Download JDK", and then click "Yes".

    3. Select "Windows x64" platform.

    4. Select "I agree to the Java Development Kit 5.0 Update 15 License Agreement" to continue.

    5. Click "jdk-1_5_0_15-windows-amd64.exe" and save the file.

  2. Download jdk-6u10-rc2-bin-b32-windows-amd64-12_sep_2008.exe.

    1. Go to http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/ea/6u10/6u10rcDownload.jsp#6u10JDKs.

    2. Click "jdk-6u10-rc2-bin-b32-windows-amd64-12_sep_2008.exe" and save the file.

  3. Install JDK by running the downloaded file: jdk-1_5_0_15-windows-amd64.exe, and jdk-6u10-rc2-bin-b32-windows-amd64-12_sep_2008.exe

Suppose the installation directory is %Sybase%\shared\jdk-1_5_0_15, and %Sybase%\shared\jdk-1_6_10.

Step 2: Configure the JDK location in set-java-home.bat (or set-java-home.sh in UNIX). For example,

set DJC_JAVA_HOME_15=%Sybase%\shared\jdk-1_5_0_15


set DJC_JAVA_HOME_16%Sybase%\shared\jdk-1_6_10 3.

Step 3: Configure the maximum or minimum heap size in djc-set-env.bat (or djc-set-env.sh in UNIX). For example,


Step 4: If you will always run EAServer in 64-bit mode, set up these flags in local-setenv.bat (or local-setenv.sh in UNIX). For example,


To use JDK 1.6, replace "15" with "16".

Step 5: Start EAServer using the -arch64 flag. For example,

run-server.bat –jdk15 –rt15 –arch64 -jvmtype server
run-server.sh –jdk15 –rt15 –arch64 -jvmtype server (UNIX)


run-server.bat –jdk16 –rt16 –arch64 -jvmtype server 
run-server.sh –jdk16 –rt16 –arch64 -jvmtype server (UNIX)