Working with DataWindows

Table of Contents

Defining DataWindow Objects
About DataWindow objects
Choosing a presentation style
Building a DataWindow object
Selecting a data source
Using Quick Select
Using SQL Select
Using Query
Using External
Using Stored Procedure
Using a Web service data source (Obsolete)
Using the OData Service (Obsolete)
Choosing DataWindow object-wide options
Generating and saving a DataWindow object
Defining queries
What's next
Enhancing DataWindow Objects
Working in the DataWindow painter
Using the Preview view of a DataWindow object
Saving data in an external file
Modifying general DataWindow object properties
Storing data in a DataWindow object using the Data view
Retrieving data
Working with Controls in DataWindow Objects
Adding controls to a DataWindow object
Reorganizing controls in a DataWindow object
Positioning controls in a DataWindow object
Rotating controls in a DataWindow object
Controlling Updates in DataWindow objects
About controlling updates
Specifying the table to update
Specifying the unique key columns
Specifying an identity column
Specifying updatable columns
Specifying the WHERE clause for update/delete
Specifying update when key is modified
Using stored procedures to update the database
Using a Web service to update the database (Obsolete)
Displaying and Validating Data
About displaying and validating data
About display formats
Working with display formats
Defining display formats
About edit styles
Working with edit styles
Defining edit styles
Defining a code table
About validation rules
Working with validation rules
Defining validation rules
How to maintain extended attributes
Filtering, Sorting, and Grouping Rows
Filtering rows
Sorting rows
Grouping rows
Highlighting Information in DataWindow Objects
Highlighting information
Modifying properties conditionally at runtime
Supplying property values
Specifying colors
Using Nested Reports
About nested reports
Creating a report using the Composite presentation style
Placing a nested report in another report
Working with nested reports
Working with Graphs
About graphs
Using graphs in DataWindow objects
Using the Graph presentation style
Defining a graph's properties
Using graphs in windows
Working with Crosstabs
About crosstabs
Creating crosstabs
Associating data with a crosstab
Previewing crosstabs
Enhancing crosstabs
Working with TreeViews
TreeView presentation style
Creating a new TreeView DataWindow
Adding and deleting TreeView levels
Selecting a tree node and navigating the tree
Sorting rows in a TreeView DataWindow
TreeView DataWindow Design view
Setting properties for the TreeView DataWindow
TreeView DataWindow examples
Exporting and Importing XML Data
About XML
XML support in the DataWindow painter
The Export/Import Template view for XML
Editing XML templates
Exporting to XML
Importing XML
Working with Rich Text
About rich text
Using the RichText presentation style
Using the RichTextEdit control
Formatting keys and toolbars
Using OLE in a DataWindow Object
About using OLE in DataWindow objects
OLE objects and the OLE presentation style
Using OLE columns in a DataWindow object

This part describes how to build DataWindow objects to retrieve, present, and manipulate data in your applications.