Used to declare the type of exception that a method triggers. It is part of the method prototype.


methodname ( {arguments} ) THROWS ExceptionType { , ExceptionType, ... }




Name of the method that throws an exception.


Arguments of the method that throws an exception. Depending on the method, the method arguments can be optional.


Object of type Throwable. Usually the object type thrown is a user-defined exception class derived from the system Exception class. If you define multiple potential exceptions for a method, you can throw each type of exception in the same clause by separating the exception types with commas.


Internal use only.

You do not type or otherwise add the THROWS clause to function calls in a PowerBuilder script. However, you can add a THROWS clause to any PowerBuilder function or to any user event that is not defined by a pbm event ID.

For more information about adding a THROWS clause to a function or event prototype, see the section called “Defining a THROWS clause” in Users Guide. For more information about exception handling, see the section called “Exception handling in PowerBuilder” in Application Techniques.