Building a style from scratch

Once you understand how form styles work, you can build one from scratch.

To build a form style from scratch:

  1. Create a new window.

  2. Place a DataWindow control in the window.

  3. In the Properties view for the control, name the control using one of the special names.

    For the list of special names, see Naming the DataWindow controls in a form style.

  4. Change properties for the control as desired.

    For example, you can add vertical and horizontal scroll bars.

    Do not associate the control with a DataWindow object

    InfoMaker users specify the data for the control when they create a new form.

  5. If the form style you are building uses two DataWindow controls, place another DataWindow control in the window and name it to conform with the valid combinations.

    For the list of valid combinations, see Naming the DataWindow controls in a form style.

  6. Save the window and specify a comment for it.

    For instructions, see Identifying the window as the basis of a style.