Building and using a form style

To build and use a form style:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Copy the window and menu from an existing form style to act as your starting point

    • Begin from scratch by creating a new window and placing in it one or two DataWindow controls that have the supported names

  2. Save the window with a special comment that indicates that the window serves as the basis for a form style.

  3. Enhance the form style by adding controls to the window, modifying the menu, defining window functions to serve as actions, and so on.

  4. Copy all objects used in the form style (such as windows, user objects, and menus) to a library that will be defined as a style library for InfoMaker users.

  5. Add the style library to the search path for InfoMaker users.

    When InfoMaker users create a new form, the form style you defined displays in the New Form dialog box. Users can select the style to build a form based on the style you built.

The rest of this chapter describes these steps.