Web services (obsolete)

Obsolete technique

Creating Web service proxy for connecting to SOAP server will no longer be eligible for technical support. Developers who build Web service client that connects to SOAP server can choose to either continue using the feature without support, or use HTTPClient to call SOAP Web service. For more information, refer to this article: Call SOAP Web Service Using HTTPClient Object.

Web services are loosely defined as the use of Internet technologies to make distributed software components talk to each other without human intervention. The software components might perform such business logic as getting a stock quote, searching the inventory of a catalog on the Internet, or integrating the reservation services for an airline and a car rental agency. You can reach across the Internet and use preexisting components, instead of having to write them for your application.

A PowerBuilder application can act as a client consuming a Web service that is accessed through the Internet. Through use of SOAP and WSDL, a collection of functions published remotely as a single entity can become part of your PowerBuilder application. A Web service accepts and responds to requests sent by applications or other Web services.