Web DataWindow (obsolete)

Obsolete technique

Web DataWindow is not recommended and is considered to be obsolete. The ability to use this technique has been retained for backward compatibility.

An obsolete feature is no longer eligible for technical support and will no longer be enhanced, although it is still available.

The Web DataWindow is a thin-client DataWindow implementation for Web applications. It provides most of the data manipulation, presentation, and scripting capabilities of the PowerBuilder DataWindow without requiring any PowerBuilder DLLs on the client.

The Web DataWindow uses the services of several software components that can run on separate computers:

  • Web DataWindow server component running in an application or transaction server

  • Dynamic page server

  • Web server

  • Web browser

  • Database

The server component is a nonvisual user object that uses a DataStore to handle retrieval and updates and generate HTML. You can use the generic component provided with PowerBuilder or a custom component.

You can take advantage of the capabilities of the Web DataWindow by:

  • Hand coding against the Web DataWindow component

    You can write server-side scripts that access the Web DataWindow component directly.

  • Writing your own HTML generator

    Using a sample PBL provided with PowerBuilder as a starting point, you can create your own HTML generator that provides the methods you need for your application.