The PowerBuilder Environment

This part describes the basics of using PowerBuilder: understanding and customizing the development environment, creating workspaces and targets, and using source control.

Table of Contents

Working with PowerBuilder
About PowerBuilder
Concepts and terms
Workspaces and targets
DataWindow objects
PowerBuilder libraries
Painters and editors
Events and scripts
Source control
PowerBuilder extensions
The PowerBuilder environment
The System Tree
The PowerBar
The Clip window
The Output window
Creating and opening workspaces
Creating a workspace
Opening a workspace
Using wizards
About wizards
Creating a target
Target types
Application targets
.NET targets
Managing workspaces
Adding an existing target to a workspace
Removing a target from a workspace
Specifying workspace properties
Building workspaces
In the development environment
From a command line
Working with tools
Using the To-Do List
Using the file editor
Using online help
Building an application
Customizing PowerBuilder
Starting PowerBuilder with an open workspace
Using options in the development environment
Using a workspace file
Using command line arguments
Changing default layouts
Arranging the System Tree, Output, and Clip windows
Using views in painters
Using toolbars
Toolbar basics
Drop-down toolbars
Controlling the display of toolbars
Moving toolbars using the mouse
Customizing toolbars
Creating new toolbars
Customizing keyboard shortcuts
Changing fonts
Defining colors
How the PowerBuilder environment is managed
About the registry
About the initialization file
Using Source Control
About source control systems
Using SVN or Git
Using source control manager via SCC API
Using PBNative
Constraints of a multi-user environment
Extension to the SCC API
Using SVN source control system
Add a workspace to SVN
Get a workspace from SVN
Commit objects to SVN
Get objects from SVN
Revert changes
Resolve conflicts
Refresh objects
Upload PBL
Lock objects
View the connection settings
Using Git source control system
Add a workspace to Git
Get a workspace from Git
Commit objects to Git
Get objects from Git
Revert changes
Resolve conflicts
Refresh objects
Upload PBL
View the connection settings
Using source control systems via SCC API
Using a source control system with PowerBuilder
Source control operations via SCC API in PowerBuilder
Initialization settings that affect source control
Modifying source-controlled targets and objects
Migrating existing projects under source control