Running the mobile application in Appeon Workspace

Now that you have successfully deployed the application, you are ready to run the application on a supported mobile device (iPad) with Appeon Workspace installed.

  1. Configure the network connection of the mobile device (iPad).

    Make sure that the Windows PC and the iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi router.

  2. Install Appeon Workspace.

    Use your iPad to access the Appeon Workspace Download Center (http://server_ip:80/AWS/), and then click the download button to download and install Appeon Workspace to the device.

    For the device running on iOS 7.1, you will have to download the .ipa file to the PC through IE browser, and then synchronize it from the PC to the iOS device using iTunes. Reason is since iOS 7.1, Apple requires the enterprise apps manifest file to be served over HTTPS, which means, you will have to configure the SSL certificate on your Web server. If you have no SSL certificate configured, then install from the download center will fail.

  3. Tap the AppeonMobile icon on the iPad to launch Appeon Workspace.

  4. Tap the New icon () to the left of the title bar.

  5. In the App URL text box, enter the application URL for the tutorial application in this format: http://server_ip:port/appname. For example, if your IIS IP address is on port 80 and you specified tutorial in the Appeon Developer configuration as the Web folder name then the URL would be

  6. Tap the Test Connection button to test the server connections. If successful please proceed to Step 7, otherwise please enter the correct URL.

  7. Tap the Back icon () on the title bar to save the information and return to the main screen of the Appeon Workspace.

    Once you return to the main screen of the Appeon Workspace, the downloading and installation process of the tutorial application occurs automatically.

  8. After the installation process has completed, tap the tutorial application icon on the home screen to run it.