Add a new toolbar for the new menu item

Now you add a toolbar button for the Open menu item you just defined and then place it in a toolbar. The Menu painter should still be open for the m_main menu. If it is not, you can double-click the m_main menu in the System Tree to open it in the Menu painter.

  1. Click the Open menu item under the Tutorial menu in the WYSIWYG view.

  2. Click the Toolbar tab in the Properties view.

    Type Open in the ToolbarItemText box.

    Type or select Open! in the ToolbarItemName drop-down list.

    This defines a toolbar button for the Open menu item that uses the stock picture called Open!.

    Figure 41. Open toolbar

    Open toolbar

  3. Select File > Close from the menu bar.

    A message box asks if you want to save your changes.

  4. Click Yes.

    PowerBuilder saves the Menu object and closes the Menu painter.