Open an object

Now you open the object you just created.

  1. Select File > Recent Workspaces from the menu bar, then tutorial workspace from the cascading menu.

  2. In the System Tree, expand the tutorial workspace, the tutorial target, and tutorial.pbl.

  3. Double-click the tutorial Application object


    Right-click the tutorial Application object and select Edit from the pop-up menu.

    The Application painter opens. It displays different views of the tutorial Application object. Your view layout scheme may look different. To display the default layout, select View > Layouts > Default.

    Figure 30. Open an object

    Open an object

    The default Application painter layout displays two stacks of tabbed panes. The left stack contains tabs for a Script view (Open tab -- it is set to the Open event on the Application object), an Event List view, a Function List view, and the Declare Instance Variables view. The right stack contains tabs for the Properties view and a Non-Visual Object List view.

  4. Look at the code in the Open event in the Script view.

    The Application Object Open event calls a PowerScript function to open the main window in the application.