AEM is a Web-based application that is automatically installed with PowerServer to manage the PowerServer and the PowerServer deployed applications (including both the Web application and the mobile application).

AEM is designed to manage both single-server installations and multiple-server installations with the same ease and power, and it provides an additional layer of security to the existing security already coded into your PowerBuilder applications. It also allows the administrator to use the built-in Appeon security management system or LDAP security (recommended) to control the access rights at the application level.

All settings configured in AEM are saved to several XML files in the <AppeonHome>\repository\<instancename>\config folder. For example, if PowerServer runs on JBoss, the XML files are saved in the %jboss%\appeon\repository\<instancename>\config folder, where %jboss% stands for the installation path of JBoss on the computer.