Configuring PowerServer Toolkit

PowerServer Toolkit, a component of Appeon PowerServer, extends the capabilities of PowerBuilder, allowing a new or existing PowerBuilder application to be converted into a bona fide Web Application, using only PowerBuilder skills.

PowerServer Toolkit provides a set of tools that enable the entire PowerBuilder-to-Web process to take place within the PowerBuilder IDE. These tools are accessed via a toolbar in the PowerBuilder IDE. The PowerServer Toolkit automatically loads each time PowerBuilder is opened.

Figure 17. PowerServer Toolkit

PowerServer Toolkit

The Appeon tutorial PowerBuilder application should run through the following configuration tasks before PowerServer Toolkit can automate the task of Web conversion and deployment of the tutorial application.

All these configuration tasks can be completed within the PowerServer Toolkit Configuration Wizard. To access this wizard, click the Config Wizard button () on the PowerServer Toolkit.

Read the requirements on the Welcome screen and click Next to proceed.