Can you give an example of the modularization process?

The following example highlights the process of modularization of an application:

A purchase order application needs to be deployed to the Web. It is a large and complex application that provides the following functionalities at a high-level:

  • Order Input

  • Order Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Resource Planning

  • Reporting

According to business requirements, the most urgent application functions that must be brought on to the Web as soon as possible are Order Input, Order Management, and Reporting.

Based on the above business requirements, the first phase of the conversion process should involve extracting the Order Input, Order Management and Report functionalities from the original application and importing them back into PowerBuilder. This creates a new smaller application.

Using Supported PB Features for PowerServer Web and Appeon Code Examples, you can work around or modify the unsupported source code in the smaller application to bring it into compliance and deploy it to the Web.