Go-live deployment

Go-live deployment deploys the target PowerBuilder application to your production servers.

Check the following settings in the PowerServer Toolkit Application Profile before starting the final deployment to your production servers:

  • Set the Web file generation mode to Release - This encrypts the JavaScript code in the Web application, thereby protecting your organizations business rules and intellectual property.

  • Turn off all Report options - This will reduce the size of Web files and boost the runtime performance of the deployed Web application.

  • Check that the required database types are properly configured and selected.

  • Check that the required additional files (such as INI files, .NET/COM components, image files, DLL/OCX files) are properly configured or selected.

Refer to the PowerServer Toolkit User Guide for detailed instructions on how to perform application deployment.

Check the following settings in AEM after performing the final deployment to your production servers:

  • Configure and ensure that transaction objects and data sources in AEM can be successfully connected.

  • Check that Run Mode for the go-live application is set to Normal Mode.

  • Check Configuration Summary for the go-live application to ensure they apply to the go-live environment, such as DLL/OCX configurations, 32-bit/64-bit IE compatibility etc.

  • Change the AEM default username and password as appropriate to ensure the security of AEM

Refer to PowerServer Configuration Guide for .NET or PowerServer Configuration Guide for J2EE for detailed instructions on how to configure AEM.