Appeon Web RAD methodology

Web RAD (Rapid Application Development) with PowerBuilder and Appeon is for writing a new PowerBuilder application and converting it to the Web using Appeon PowerServer.

There are three steps in an Appeon Web development project:

Step 1: Analyze the project requirements. According to these requirements, lay out the function specifications that should be met for the project.

Step 2: Develop a new PowerBuilder application and implement the functions in it with PowerBuilder programming that conforms to the Appeon PowerBuilder coding standards.

During the coding process, utilize the Code Insight tool in PowerServer Toolkit to make sure the new code does not contain unsupported features.

While you develop a new PowerBuilder application, keep in mind one of the more recent and stringent standards, the Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act. Refer to the whitepaper available at for details of the standard.

Step 3: Migrate the PowerBuilder application to the Web with Appeon PowerServer by following the migration process described in Migration Process.

Most of the time and effort in Appeon Web RAD methodology is spent working in the PowerBuilder IDE to code the desktop PowerBuilder application.