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Table of Contents

Appeon Workarounds PBL Reference
Introduction to Appeon Workarounds
Best practices for calling APIs
General API
AppeonExtFuncs Object
Appeon Client Functions
Client Logs
File Upload and Download
Appeon Labels
Calling EJB Component
Calling .NET/COM server components (.NET only)
Calling Web Service
Appeon Text Controls
Creating Data Source Dynamically
Accessing JSON-format Data
Appeon Resize Object
Mobile Device API
Appeon Workspace
Online Payment
Appeon Resize PBL Reference
Integrate with Cordova Plugins
Appeon Cordova PBL (solution 1)
Introduction to Appeon Cordova PBL
eon_cordova_base object
eon_cordova_bluetooth object (Android only)
eon_cordova_bluetoothle object
eon_cordova_contact object
eon_cordova_fingerprint object
eon_cordova_gps object
eon_cordova_orientation object
eon_cordova_vibration object
Cordova plugins (solution 2)
Connecting with AppeonMobile.CordovaPlugin
AppeonMobile.CordovaPlugin object
Accessing the JavaScript object properties/methods
Accessing the JavaScript array
Using callback functions
Code examples
PowerServer open interfaces
PowerServer open interfaces
Calling PowerServer open interfaces via EJB component
Calling PowerServer open interfaces via .NET component
Calling PowerServer open interfaces via Web service
Workarounds for Unsupported Features
Objects & Controls
External user object
UserObject object
System Objects
System Controls
System Functions
DDE Server functions
FileLength64 function
FileSeek64 function
FileWriteEx function
FromAnsi function
FromUnicode function
Garbage Collection functions
GetLibraryList function
Help functions
HyperLinkToURL function
LibraryDirectory function
PopulateError function
Registry function
Shared Object functions
SignalError function
PowerScript Reference
PowerScript Topics
PowerScript Statements
SQL Statements
PowerScript Events
DataWindow Reference
DataWindow operators
DataWindow Object Properties
DataWindow control
Controls in a DataWindow
Functions of DataStore object
DBParm parameters in Database
ConnectString parameter
FAQ & Workarounds
What files will go to the plugin folder and how to access them
How to generate a PDF file and send it via email
How to make a phone call in the mobile application
How to open Google Map in the mobile application
How to download an image to the mobile device and show it in the application
How to replace the icon that shows in the IE tab or address bar
How to replace Appeon image that displays at the running of applications
How to remove the Internet Explorer menu
How to deploy a PowerServer application without PowerServer Toolkit
How to log in the PowerServer Web application with single sign-on
How to add headers & footers to a Web application
How to get the user name and password of the operating system
How to modify the storage location of Web application files in PowerServer Toolkit
How to integrate PowerServer Web applications with JSP/ASP
Applying Appeon CommandParm and Hyperlink features
Using Internet Explorer Frame
Integration through intermediate n-Tier Server-level solutions
No Workarounds