Introduction to Appeon Cordova PBL

Appeon Cordova PBL encapsulates the following Cordova plugins as PowerBuilder objects. Though not all of the current Cordova plugins are encapsulated in the Appeon Cordova PBL, you may still find it useful because the most frequently-used ones are in it and they can be called as easily as a PowerBuilder object.

Appeon Cordova PBL is named appeon_cordova.pbl, located in the developTempFile\appeon_workarounds folder under the PowerServer installation directory. For example, C:\inetpub\wwwroot\appeon\developTempFile\appeon_workarounds.

To use the objects provided in the Appeon Cordova PBL, you will need to add the appeon_cordova.pbl and appeon_workarounds.pbl library to the Library Search Path of the application.