How to modify the storage location of Web application files in PowerServer Toolkit

PowerServer Toolkit will generate and store Web application files on the local machine before deploying it to PowerServer. You can configure to store these files to other location rather than the default one. By default the Web files will be stored in %Appeon_Developer%\Project\%application_name% (e.g., C:\Program Files\Appeon\PowerServer\Toolkit\Project\sales). %Appeon_Developer% indicates the installation path of PowerServer Toolkit.

How to configure the location for Web files

Step 1: Open the ADTConfig.xml file in the directory Appeon\PowerServer\Toolkit.

Step 2: Find the following lines:

<Project value="%Appeon%\PowerServer\Toolkit\Project\"/>

Step 3: Replace the value in bold with another location where you want to store the Web files.