Applying Appeon CommandParm and Hyperlink features


If your application needs to pass parameters to a JSP/ASP application, use the following method.

Workaround for passing parameters from a JSP/ASP application to a PowerServer application

Apply the JSP/ASP programming method to add parameters to the URL of the PowerServer application. Based upon the parameters, any functionality can be built in the PowerServer Web application, such as opening windows and retrieving data to provide client-side integration.

The PowerServer application receives the parameters using the CommandParm function and CommandLine parameter of the Open event.

Workaround for passing parameters from a PowerServer application to a JSP/ASP application

PowerServer supports PictureHyperLink and StaticHyperLink window controls. For example, you can statically or dynamically assign the URL of the JSP/ASP Web application to http://www.x.x/index.asp?aid=x&bid=y&cid=z in the Clicked event of a PictureHyperLink or StaticHyperLink window control and send the parameter from the PowerServer application to a JSP/ASP application.

PowerServer also supports the HyperLinkToURL PowerScript function. The developers can also apply this function to pass the parameter to a JSP/ASP application through automatic code rather than being user-initiated. The Web application needs to be refreshed while receiving the parameter.