Point 3: Previewing & Debugging

To preview the application UI and layout, run the application in Appeon Workspace on the mobile device. For instructions on installing Appeon Workspace, see Task 3 in Tutorial 1: Set up the Environment.

To debug the application business logic, first ensure that the UFA report does not contain any unsupported features, or at least no unsupported features in the area of the application you are trying to debug. Then, launch the PowerServer Debugger () from the PowerServer Toolkit, which will load the Web version of your application in the IE Web browser.

The PowerServer Debugger requires the Microsoft Script debugger to be installed on your system and that your Internet Explorer is version 9 or later. There are also special configurations you need to perform in the PowerServer Toolkit and Internet Explorer. Please see Debugging PowerServer Web applications in PowerServer Toolkit User Guide for more information about how to properly configure your environment for the PowerServer Debugger.

Please note that PowerServer Mobile does not contain a mobile-specific debugger, so we have included the Web debugger in lieu. While not exactly the same, it can still help to identify problems in the application business logic or areas that PowerServer Toolkit is having trouble converting.