Special instructions for Auto Scaling in Amazon Web Service

Auto scaling in the Amazon Web Service (not Windows Azure) cloud server is supported by PowerServer for .NET (not J2EE).

Modifying the Appeon cluster config file

After installing the Appeon cluster plug-in, modify the Appeon cluster config file under the installation folder: AppeonCluster\AppeonCloud\Config\ClusterManager.config.

Specify the following parameters in the ClusterManager.config file.

<AWSStorage accessKey="" secretKey="" mode="" defaultPort="" keywordPrefix=""/>
  • accessKey (access key ID), secretKey (access secret key), and keywordPrefix (keyword prefix).

  • defaultPort: port number of PowerServer, by default it is 80.

  • mode: the switch for supporting auto scaling.

    • 1: supports auto scaling by automatically detecting PowerServers and updating the PowerServer list in the cluster.

    • 0: does not support auto scaling (so the developer needs to manually update the PowerServer list in the cluster).

Modifying the PowerServer config file

Under the PowerServer installation folder, modify the PowerServer config file: appeon\AEM\config\cluster-config.config.

Specify the following parameters under the cluster-config node in the cluster-config.config file, by following the aforementioned instructions.

mode="" defaultport=""