Known Issues

PowerBuilder 2019 R2 has the following known issues:

  • The following functionalities do not work if the computer connects with the Internet through a proxy server requiring user authentication: 1) PowerBuilder online license, 2) PowerBuilder Installer (the online installation program), 3) PowerServer Mobile Templates Manager.

  • If you run PowerBuilder as a guest (not an administrator), you may come across the following license issues: the license login screen may not show the status of the settings correctly; the license file may not be accessed after upgrade; or the new login credentials may not be saved properly.

  • If you have only upgraded SnapDevelop to version 2019 R2, and have not upgraded PowerBuilder, then launching SnapDevelop from the PowerBuilder IDE will cause the PowerBuilder IDE to crash.

  • When you launch SnapDevelop from the PowerBuilder IDE to debug C# assemblies, you may find that SnapDevelop may stop responding or the debugger may stop working.