Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes in Build 2328

The following bugs are fixed in PowerBuilder 2019 R2 GA 2323 (compared to 2019 MR 2170):

  • (Bug ID: 3612) Failed to trigger the event for DataWindow object when RowCount is 0.

  • (Bug ID: 3072) The toolbar item picture disappeared.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) Cannot create user event on the application object.

  • (Bug ID: 1692) SetTransObject() fails on the dynamically generated DataStore, due to memory leakage caused by SyntaxFromSql.

  • (Bug ID: 3059) DataWindow PictureButtons render blurry.

  • (Bug ID: 323) When scrolling with the mouse wheel in Grid DataWindow through remote desktop access, it scrolls the whole page instead of 3 rows every time.

  • (Bug ID: 2300) ORCA API "PBORCA_ExecutableCreate" creates the executable using TE RichTextEditor by default, ignoring the rich text editor settings in the Application object.

  • (Bug ID: 4246) DataWindow GetItemDateTime gets the null exception instead of "??/??/?? 12:00:00".

  • (Bug ID: 3513) Application crashes randomly when running report.

  • (Bug ID: 3663) PowerBuilder IDE crashes when committing objects to a branch using Git Commit.

  • (Bug ID: 3949, 4132) window.print() function does not work.

  • (Bug ID: 3248) When printing a window with the Print function in Windows 10, the background around it is printed.

  • (Bug ID: 4030) pbm_syscommand event cannot be triggered if a theme is applied.

  • (Bug ID: 3961) Oracle18c/19c error when calling stored procedures with arrays of strings as arguments.

  • (Bug ID: 3846) When XLSX file is output using the SaveAs method, line breaks and spaces are set in the null or empty column of the output file.

  • (Bug ID: 3681) The "Open Containing Folder" menu is not available for the workspace; the "Open Containing Folder" menu does not work for the target and library when the workspace is under source control and the target and library are not.

  • (Bug ID: 3528, 3537) The Application object for the newly created Target has no richtextedittype, richtexteditversion, richtexteditkey, themepath, and themename properties.

The following bugs are fixed in PowerBuilder 2019 R2 GA 2323 (compared to the beta version):

  • (Bug ID: 3575) RibbonBar Builder caused IDE font size, menus, and toolbar buttons to shrink until it's reopened.

  • (Bug ID: 3683) RibbonBar control cannot change FaceName at runtime.

  • (Bug ID: 3672) RibbonBar Builder does not support selecting pictures with an ! in the file path.

  • (Bug ID: 4034) If ItemUnselected event shows a message box more than one RibbonBar buttons are selected when moving mouse over.

  • (Bug ID: 3914) Closing the window from the RibbonBar item user event causes the application to crash.

  • (Bug ID: 3865) (Regression bug) PBC runtime error.