Bug Fixes


The following bugs are fixed in PowerBuilder 2019 R2 MR 2353 (compared to 2019 R2 MR 2328):

  • (Bug 3180) "Failed to execute task" error message occurs when you click Refresh from the workspace node's right-click context menu for the second time with a project added to the Git version control system.

  • (Bug 4268) Error occurs when the PowerBuilder runtime packager is used to generate the 64-bit packager.

  • (Bug 4465) When you view the display icon of the current menu (e.g., ArrangeTables5 & PasteSQL5) and then click the General Data submenu, you will find a mismatch between the preview icon and the design icon associated with the menu. Such a mismatch also exists between the design icon and the icon of the compiled .exe file.

  • (Bug 4497) Splash screen persists on top of the login window.

  • (Bug 4554) (IDE) HyperLink! pointer is missing in the Select Image window that would pop up if you set the mouse pointer for an object.

  • (Bug 4573, 4575) (IDE) PowerBuilder crashes on importing PB Extension.

  • (Bug 4577) Table information is missing in the generated .exe file, which makes the TX control fail in the runtime environment.

  • (Bug 4579) If you click buttons Fill Up, Save, and Open respectively in an active DataWindow, the column value in the current DataWindow always displays as "??".

  • (Bug 4583) (Window) Application crashes while setting the window title to NULL value for Trial version.

  • (Bug 4640) When you click the PDF button to export as PDF, unneeded information appears on the first page of the generated PDF document.

  • (Bug 4771) When you restart PowerBuilder after installation, configuration information (i.e. <probing privatePath="DotNET/bin"/>) is missing in the PB190.exe.config file in the generated PB2019.exe folder (in the same directory as the PB190.exe folder).

  • (From Community) Closing window with control menu, Message.Processed = TRUE no longer works when using theme.

  • (Bug 4853) Although the Resize and Move functions for WebBrowser are called successfully, the returned position and size are still the old values.

  • (Bug 4864) When Git Refresh failed to refresh all of the objects, clicking Cancel does not roll back the objects properly.

  • (Bug 4868) Failed to update the DataWindow DateTime field for SQL Server database 2016 or later.


The following bugs are fixed in the SnapDevelop 2019 R2 MR 2353 (compared to 2019 R2 MR 2328):

  • (Bug 4379) With "Highlight Matching Method" (previously called "Sync Method Feature") enabled in PowerScript Migrator, if you select some translated code and press Ctrl + C, the method name is copied instead of the translated code.

  • (Bug 4418) PowerScript Migrator ignores some code when translating the entire document. And when translating that specific code, the following error occurs: “Before performing this operation, you must place the cursor in the declaration of a function, event, variable, struct, or object”.

  • (Bug 4478) DataWindow Converter requires a database connection for external DataWindows.

  • (Bug 4366) Data types incompatible in the SqlExecutor.Scalar method (e.g., unable to cast object of type 'System.Int16' to type 'System.Nullable'1[System.Int32]').