Bug Fixes


The following bugs are fixed in PowerBuilder 2019 R2 MR 2328 (compared to 2019 R2 GA 2323):

  • (Bug ID: 4384) The application icon setting will not take effect in compiled applications. Instead, the Windows default EXE icon is used as the application icon.

  • (Bug ID: 4391) In an MDI application that applies the UI theme feature, if a sheet window is opened using the OpenSheet function with the arrangeopen parameter being Layered! or Cascaded!, the Open event of the sheet window would fail to get the correct window.width. As the result, if a function or service (for example, pfc_resize) uses the window.width value, the function/service cannot work correctly.

  • (Bug ID: 4388) With the Built-in Text Control used as the rich edit control, when saving a multi-page RichText style DataWindow as PDF, there are duplicate pages in the PDF.

  • (Bug ID: 4386) The following error occurs when using ORCA to regenerate DataWindows: "Exception thrown at 0x77C335B9 (ntdll.dll) in xxxx.exe: 0xC0000138: Ordinal Not Found."

  • (Bug ID: 4431) When selecting "Left text" for a checkbox in a DataWindow, the text appears under the checkbox at design time.

  • (Bug ID: 4421) The Sorted property on the DropDownListBox is not working as before.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) The Resize event is triggered before the Constructor event on the custom visual object when using the UI theme feature.

PowerServer Mobile Templates

The following bugs are fixed in the PowerServer Mobile Templates 2020 MR 2328 (compared to 2020 GA 2323) (you can download the latest templates from the Appeon website):

  • When calling SendRequest to send the request from the HTTPClient object to the server, the method failed with the return code: 0- Msg: undefined.