DataWindow performance considerations

Strong suggestion: reduce usage of DataWindow SQLPreview event

Each time the DataWindow SQLPreview event is triggered, the Web application will interact with PowerServer twice, which costs 1-2 seconds. Therefore, we recommend you minimize writing script into the SQLPreview event of the DataWindow.

Suggestion: use Describe and Modify to get and set DataWindow object properties

Dot notation is much less efficient than Describe and Modify functions. In general, the Describe and Modify functions are about two to three times faster than dot notation. Therefore, we recommend you use Describe function to replace dot notation that gets the DataWindow object properties, and use the Modify function to replace dot notation that sets the DataWindow object properties.

Suggestion: minimize modifying DataWindow DataObject

It takes 0.3 seconds each time the DataObject property of DataWindow/DataStore is modified during application run time. Therefore, modifying the DataObject property frequently could slow down performance significantly. We recommend you minimize modifying the DataObject property.