Application differences

User interface and operation difference

  • There may be slight differences in color and size between the Web UI and the PowerBuilder UI due to minor mismatching of the conversion algorithm for converting PowerBuilder measurements to Web measurements.

  • Using the middle mouse key to operate the Web application is unsupported.

  • Keyboard Navigation: tab order and arrow keys are partially supported.

  • All Appeon system error messages appear in the Internet Explorer status bar rather than in a dialog box.

  • While a Web application is running and the TextSize in the Internet Explorer is reset, the Web application will not change its font size accordingly.

Design-time property settings difference

  • Appeon creates the resulting Web application based on design-time property settings of the application obtained from PowerBuilder. Therefore, even if the PowerBuilder application does not work properly at run-time, the PowerServer-deployed Web application may still run properly. For instance, in a particular build, the PowerBuilder Edit Mask DataWindow column style did not run properly in the PBVM, but the PowerServer Edit Mask DataWindow column style ran successfully because the Appeon framework for Web applications works properly.


  • The manual feeder feature of Print is unsupported.

Section 508 compliance

All standard controls supported by Web applications are section 508 compliant but with the following noted issue on keyboard focus:

  • When a PowerServer Web application runs in Internet Explorer, the keyboard focus, by default, is on the Web application. You can press Alt+Tab to shift the focus to Internet Explorer, and then press Tab to shift the focus back to the application.

  • You can press Alt to access the menu of the application (or Internet Explorer) when the keyboard focus is on the application (or Internet Explorer).