Object/control user operation differences


Controls in the Web application get focus when SetFocus is triggered, while controls in the PowerBuilder application get focus when the LoseFocus event of the control (which is to lose focus) is triggered. For example, when focus is moved from Control A to Control B due to the user operation, on Web, Control B gets focus when the SetFocus event of Control B is triggered, while in PowerBuilder, Control B gets focus when the LoseFocus event of Control A is triggered. This does not affect the user operation, but may affect the execution result of script dependent on the focus.

DropdownListBox, DropdownPictureListBox, ListBox or PictureListBox

The size of the pictures displayed in a PictureListBox will always be 16px * 16px. It will not adjust according to the actual height and width available as it does in PowerBuilder.

Motion effect

Motion effect of GIF files is unsupported.