Tasks required to load the application in Enterprise Portal

You need to perform the following four tasks to get a deployed application loaded in the portal after the application migration:

Task #1: Add the application into a portlet. Create an HTML element in the portlet and assign the URL of the Appeon-deployed application to the HTML element.

Task #2: Add the application into a page. Create a new page, add the application into it, and approve the application.

Task #3: Add the page into a page group. Create a new page group and add the page created in task #2 into the page group.

Task #4: Create accounts for viewing the application. Create accounts and assign rights to the accounts for running the application.

For step-by-step instructions on conducting each of the preceding tasks, refer to the relevant documentation provided by SAP Sybase Enterprise Portal (available at http://www.sybase.com/products/archivedproducts/enterpriseportal/technicalsupport).