Migrating .NET Targets from Earlier Versions of PowerBuilder

When you migrate .NET Web Service components, you might need to remove or install supporting files on development and deployment computers.

If you deployed .NET projects from earlier versions of PowerBuilder, verify or complete these steps before redeploying the migrated .NET projects:

  • For .NET Web Service targets, clear ASP.NET temporary files for the application or component on development computers and production servers.

    The temporary files are located in the C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\version\Temporary ASP.NET Files\projectName directory, where version is typically v2.0.50727, and projectName is the project’s Web application name or its Web service virtual directory name.

  • For all .NET targets, uninstall earlier versions of PowerBuilder runtime files (system assemblies and win32 DLLs) on all deployment computers or servers, then install the runtime files for the current version of PowerBuilder using the Runtime Packager or another tool, as described in the “Checklist for deployment” section of the Deploying Components as .NET Assemblies or Web Services book.