Known issues for licenses

There are two issues with activating PowerBuilder and PowerServer:

  • For PowerBuilder which is activated using an online license, if it is not connecting with the Appeon license server for over 5 days (due to reasons such as the machine has been disconnected from Internet for over 5 days, or the PowerBuilder IDE has not been launched for over 5 days), the local license file will be removed; and if the same account is used to log in to PowerBuilder, the message "You are already logged in" appears. If this happens, please ask your license administrator to go to the Appeon web site and log out the problematic account there; and then you will be able to log in and activate PowerBuilder again using the same account.

  • If the machine where PowerServer is installed connects with Internet via a proxy server, then it cannot be activated using an online license or using an offline license in the "activation with Internet connection" way. It can only be activated using an offline license in the "activation without Internet connection" way.