Known issues for the rich-text editor

  1. The new built-in rich-text editor has the following two performance issues on certain Windows platforms:

    • On Windows 10, the column with the rich-text edit style will perform slowly (approximately 6 times slower than before), especially in the Grid or Tabular DataWindow. It is recommended that you use the Freeform DataWindows to avoid this performance issue.

    • On Windows 7 or 10, in the RichText DataWindow, when the title bar is true and the title is empty, the screen will flash if you scroll the mouse to refresh the DataWindow. To avoid this issue, set the title bar to false, or set the title text when the title bar is true.

  2. The old editor, mainly the builds 2401 and 2402 of TX Text Control ActiveX, does not work with the rich-text edit style columns. It only works with the RichTextEdit control and the RichText DataWindow object. You should use the TX Text Control ActiveX build 1400.