Select InfoMaker Components

Continue with the installer to select which InfoMaker components to install.

The installer installs InfoMaker in default drives and directories unless you specify otherwise. If a directory you specify does not exist, installer creates it.


You must have Administrator privileges to fully install this product.


  1. On the Select Components page, unselect the check box next to any components you do not want to install, and click Next.

    You can expand the tree view to select or unselect subcomponents of top-level components, and click Select All or Unselect All to select or unselect all the check boxes.

    You cannot unselect the InfoMaker Base Components option. See the section called “InfoMaker Components”. To install optional painters, select the InfoMaker Database Write Option.

  2. On the Select Program Folder page, select the program folder to which program icons will be added or specify a new one, and click Next.

  3. On the Start Copying Files page, review your settings, then click Next to begin installing files or Back to change your selections.

  4. On the InstallShield Wizard Complete page, select the check box if you want to read the Readme file, and click Finish to return to the installer.

    Close the Readme file to continue.