Software Requirements

Identify the software requirements for InfoMaker.


Required Software

The following table lists the software required for InfoMaker features.

Most of this software is not installed automatically when the feature is installed. Read this table to determine whether you need to install any software before you run the installer.

Tutorials, demo database, and code examples

SQL Anywhere 12 thru 17.

SQL Anywhere can be downloaded from the SAP web site. If the installer does not detect SQL Anywhere 12, 16 or 17 on your computer, it displays a warning.

If you choose to continue, the installer does not install the tutorials or register the demo databases. To use these features later, install SQL Anywhere first, then reinstall InfoMaker.

Saving DataWindows as Excel 12

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0 or later.

Saving DataWindows as PDF using the Ghostscript distiller and PostScript printing

Ghostscript and PostScript printer driver.

See the section called “Installing Ghostscript” and the section called “Installing PostScript Drivers”.

Saving DataWindows as PDF using XSL Formatting Objects (FO) and Java printing

Oracle JDK and Apache FO processor.

The Oracle JDK is installed in the %Appeon%\Shared\PowerBuilder\Jdk1.6.0_24 directory when you install InfoMaker.

The Apache FO processor is installed in the %Appeon%\Shared\PowerBuilder\fop-0.20.5 directory when you install InfoMaker.