Starting the InfoMaker Installer

The InfoMaker Installer executable (InfoMakerInstaller_bootstrapper.exe) should be available in your download directory after it is downloaded.

  1. Double click InfoMakerInstaller_bootstrapper.exe to start the InfoMaker Installer (you must have administrator privileges to run the installer).

  2. Select to agree to the license terms and click Continue.

  3. Click Install under InfoMaker 2019 R2.

    For those who prefer to use the offline installer, s/he can select Download Offline Installer. This will download the offline installer.

  4. InfoMaker Installer shows the installed product(s) as well as the available product(s) in the Products tab. Select the product(s) you want to install from the Available list.

    InfoMaker Installer will also check if the prerequisites have been installed; if not installed, a warning message (and installation instructions if any) will be displayed on the right of page.

  5. In the Locations tab, use the default download location and installation location or specify where you want the product to be downloaded and installed.

  6. In the Additional Options tab, specify a SQL Anywhere engine for running the demo and tutorials.

  7. Click Install to begin the installation.

  8. When installation is complete, read the status message carefully to make sure installation is successful, and then click Restart Now to restart the machine immediately or click Restart Later to manually restart the machine later.