InfoMaker Components

The installer lets you install the base InfoMaker software and additional, optional components.



InfoMaker Base Components

The base components are required. If you select no other other components, this option installs InfoMaker as a reporting and query tool only. No optional painters are installed. You cannot open forms in the InfoMaker tutorial library; those forms require use of the optional painters that are installed with the database write option. This option installs the ODBC driver.

InfoMaker Database Write Option

Adds three additional painters so that you can work with data more fully:

  • Database painter for creating and modifying tables

  • Form painter for creating and modifying data in a database

  • Data Pipeline painter for copying data from one database to another

Native Database Interfaces

Interfaces that enable you to interact with server databases natively. Expand the tree view to select which interfaces to install.

OLE DB Driver

Interface to connect to databases using an OLE DB data provider.

JDBC Driver

Interface to connect to databases using JDBC.

InfoMaker Tutorial

Source files for the tutorial in the Getting Started book. If you want to do the InfoMaker tutorial or use the sample library, install SQL Anywhere if it is not already installed on your computer. When you install InfoMaker, the installer creates an ODBC data source for the demo database. If SQL Anywhere is not installed on your system when you install InfoMaker, the installer does not install the demo database, sample library, or tutorial files.

Demo Database

A SQL Anywhere database used in the tutorial, the sample library, and examples in the documentation.

Online Help Files

Compiled CHM help file for InfoMaker.