System Objects

PipeLine object


The Pipeline object including its properties, functions and events is unsupported.


Add a server NVO and deploy it to EAServer to work around this issue. The detailed steps are:

Step 1: Encapsulate the Pipeline object including its properties, functions and events in a server NVO, and deploy the NVO to EAServer component.

Step 2: Call the interface function of the component and pass the Pipeline object name and relevant parameters to it.

Step 3: Call the functions, properties or events of the Pipeline object in the component to implement the same functionalities as the original PipeLine object.

The limitation of this workaround is that only the system Pipeline object can be used in the NVO. That is to say, user-defined objects inherited from Pipeline objects are unsupported in the NVO.

Application object

DWMessageTitle property


The DWMessageTitle is unsupported.


Use a global variable to record the value of the DWMessageTitle property. Read and write the global variable instead of using the DWMessageTitle property in the Script.

FreeDBLibraries property


The FreeDBLibraries property is unsupported.


It is a useless property for a Web based application. The property can be simply commented out causing no functionality difference for the deployed application.