Running Appeon Server

Appeon Server must be running before you start AEM. If using an Appeon Server cluster, AEM should only be used in one server to manage all the servers in the cluster.

Start Appeon Server, which means starting the application server (JBoss, JEUS, WebLogic, WebSphere, or EAServer) that Appeon Server is installed to.

For example, if Appeon Server is installed to JBoss, you can start Appeon Server with the following method:

In Windows: choose Programs > Appeon for PowerBuilder 2015 > Appeon Server for JBoss > Instances > InstanceName > Start JBoss from the Windows Start menu.

In Unix\Linux: change to the $jboss/appeon/bin/ folder and run the file.

When the command line window displays "Appeon Server <version> started" and the edition and license information, Appeon Server is ready for use.