Deploying Appeon Workspace (for certain Java application server only)

If you set up one server as the application server and the Web server, and if PowerServer is installed to the .NET IIS server, JBoss, WebLogic (development mode), or JEUS, then the built-in version of Appeon Workspace is ready for installation without needing any additional configurations; but if PowerServer is installed to WebLogic (production mode) or WebSphere, then the built-in Appeon Workspace is not ready for installation, and you will need to deploy the Appeon Workspace app to the application server's Web server first. Detailed instructions are provided below.

Step 1: Check if appeonmobile.war exists in the %ApplicationServer_Home%\appeon directory; if it does not exist, follow instructions below to generate the appeonmobile.war file. appeonmobile.war contains all of the files of Appeon Workspace.

  1. On Windows, execute the gen.bat file in the %ApplicationServer_Home%\appeon directory, %ApplicationServer_Home% indicates the directory where you install the application server, for example, C:\Program Files\wildfly-18.0.0.Final.

    On Unix/Linux, execute the file in the AppeonAWS folder of the installation package. On AIX OS, the GNU Bourne Again shell (Bash) is not installed by default. You would need to install Bash before you can execute successfully in AIX.

  2. In the command window, enter the IP address (for example, and the port number (for example, 8000) of the current PowerServer, and then press the Enter key.

    Generate the appeonmobile.war file in the command window

    After the commands are executed successfully, the appeonmobile.war file will be generated in the same directory with the gen.bat or file.

Step 2: Deploy the appeonmobile.war file.

Deploy the appeonmobile.war file to the application server just as how you deploy the other applications.

Deploying appeonmobile.war to the WebSphere application server

If you deploy the appeonmobile.war file to the WebSphere application server, make sure to keep Context Root the same as the name of the appeonmobile.war file (which is appeonmobile as shown in the following figure), otherwise there may be errors that you could not download the Appeon Workspace IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) file.

Set Context Root to appeonmobile