What is Appeon Workspace

Appeon Workspace consists of a set of mobile client libraries and a graphical user interface. The mobile client libraries render the mobile-style UI, support the PowerScript and UI logic, provide interfaces for calling the mobile SDK, and support accessing the client/offline database and running the offline mobile application. The graphical user interface allows end users to easily install and run the PowerServer mobile application from PowerServer.

Appeon Workspace is a free native mobile application which can only be distributed internally or privately. It is also included as an invisible component when you package and compile the PowerServer mobile application as the iOS application archive (IPA) file or Android application package (APK) file.

The following diagram illustrates the Appeon Workspace architecture.

Appeon Workspace architecture

The UI of Appeon Workspace on iPad:

Appeon Workspace on iPad

The UI of Appeon Workspace on iPhone:

Appeon Workspace on iPhone