Running the mobile application in Appeon Workspace

Now that you have successfully deployed the application, you are ready to run the application on a supported mobile device (iPad) with Appeon Workspace installed.

  1. Install Appeon Workspace.

    Step 1: Make sure your mobile device (iPad) can connect to Internet.

    Step 2: On your iPad, open App Store, search for "Appeon Workspace", and then tap Install.

    Alternatively, you can download Appeon Workspace from the Apple App Store to your Windows PC via IE browser, and then synchronize it to your iPad via iTunes.

  2. Configure the network connection of the mobile device (iPad).

    Make sure that the Windows PC and the iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi router.

  3. Tap the AppeonMobile icon on your iPad to launch Appeon Workspace.

  4. Tap the New icon () to the left of the title bar.

  5. In the App URL text box, enter the application URL for the tutorial application in this format: http://server_domain/appname. For example, if your IIS domain is and you specified tutorial in the PowerServer Toolkit configuration as the Web folder name then the URL would be

  6. Tap the Test Connection button to test the server connections. If successful please proceed to Step 7, otherwise please enter the correct URL.

  7. Tap the Back icon () on the title bar to save the information and return to the main screen of the Appeon Workspace.

    Once you return to the main screen of the Appeon Workspace, the downloading and installation process of the tutorial application occurs automatically.

  8. After the installation process has completed, tap the tutorial application icon on the home screen to run it.

  9. In the tutorial application window, click the menu icon (), and then select Tutorial > Open


    Click the toolbar icon () and then click the Open icon ().

    This opens w_cusdata sheet window.

    Mobile-style title bar, menu, & toolbar

    The layout of title bar, menu and toolbar are automatically adjusted by PowerServer Mobile, to make more room for the window and controls.

    Figure 73. Application run in Appeon Workspace

    Application run in Appeon Workspace

  10. Click the Retrieve button.

    This retrieves data from the database.

    Figure 74. Data retrieved

    Data retrieved

    You can click the Insert, Delete, and/or Update buttons to insert, delete, or update the data.

    Mobile-style scroll bar

    The horizontal scroll bar and vertical scroll bar for the DataWindow control is automatically replaced with the mobile-style scroll bar, instead of the Windows-style scrollbar. The mobile-style scroll bar appears when you scroll in the DataWindow, and disappears when you stop scrolling.

  11. Click the close app icon () on the right end of the title bar. Click Yes when prompted to close the application.