The PowerServer Mobile n-tier architecture

The mobile application is running on standard n-tier architecture - the client tier (presentation layer), middle tier (business logic layer), and data tier are logically separated.

Figure 13. n-tier architecture

n-tier architecture

Client Tier (Appeon Workspace)

Appeon Workspace consists of a set of mobile client libraries and a graphical user interface that provides an out-of-box running platform for the mobile application.

Appeon Workspace can be distributed as a native mobile app thru the online app stores (such as Apple App Store, Google Play) or over-the-air, and it is also automatically included when you package and compile the Appeon mobile application as the iOS application archive (IPA) file or Android application package (APK) file.

Middle Tier (Application Server)

The middle tier, which hosts the business logic, is implemented with J2EE or .NET components. These components execute the DataWindows and any Embedded SQL and host the business logic of the mobile application. The middle tier deploys to the Java or .NET compliant PowerServer, leveraging dozens of many-years of investments in DataWindows and other business logic.

Data Tier (Database)

The database stores the raw data for the application and stored procedures, if any. The existing database from the PowerBuilder application can be simply re-used without modification.