GetItem (obsolete)


Gets the value of an item for the specified row and column in a Web DataWindow client control. Use one of the datatype-specific methods such as GetItemString for other types of DataWindow control. GetItem returns the value available in the data available to the client. This is equivalent to the primary buffer in other environments.

Obsolete method

GetItem is obsolete and should not be used, because the Web DataWindow technology is obsolete.

Applies to

DataWindow type

Method applies to


Client control


Web DataWindow client control

returnvalue dwcontrol.GetItem (number row, number column )
returnvalue dwcontrol.GetItem (number row, string column )




A reference to a DataWindow control.


A value identifying the row location of the data.


The column location of the data. Column can be a column number or a column name. The column number is the number of the column as it is listed in the Column Specification view of the DataWindow painter -- not necessarily the number of the column in the Design view.

To get the contents of a computed field, specify the name of the computed field for column. Computed fields do not have numbers.

Return value

Returns the value in the specified row and column. The datatype of the returned data corresponds to the datatype of the column. Returns null if the column value is null. Returns the empty string ("") if an error occurs.

If any argument value is null, the method returns null.


Use GetItem to get data that has been accepted by the DataWindow. In a script for the ItemChanged or ItemError event, you can use the newValue argument to find out what the user entered before the data is accepted.


This statement sets LName to the value for row 3 of the emp_name column in the DataWindow dw_employee:

var LName = dw_employee.GetItem(3, "emp_name");

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