This event is triggered just before the Web DataWindow causes a submit.

Obsolete event

OnSubmit is obsolete and should not be used, because the Web DataWindow technology is obsolete.

Web DataWindow client control event information

Event name: OnSubmit

Return Values

Returning 1 from this event will prevent the submit from occurring.


Use to host multiple DataWindows.


The following client side script transfers the context and action from one DataWindow to the DataWindow being submitted.

   function dw_first_OnSubmit()
      dw_first.submitForm.dw_second_context.value =
      dw_first.submitForm.dw_second_action.value = "";
   function dw_second_OnSubmit()
      dw_second.submitForm.dw_first_context.value =
      dw_second.submitForm.dw_first_action.value = "";

To enable the second DataWindow to create the required fields on the submit form, each of the DataWindows must have two arguments defined in the SelfLinkArgs property:

  • dw_first must have dw_second_context and dw_second_action defined

  • dw_second must have dw_first_context and dw_first_action defined