Applies to

HTTPClient objects


When the IgnoreServerCertificate property is set with a value, the program will ignore certain type(s) of server certificate error when sending a request. The value can be one or a combination of one or more of the following values. The default value is 0.

  • 0 -- ignores all of the certificate errors

  • 1 -- ignores unknown certificate authentication (CA)

  • 2 -- ignores certificates with invalid date

  • 4 -- ignores certificates with invalid common name (CN)

  • 8 -- ignores certificates with incorrect usage


In a painter

To ignore the server certificate error:

  • Input a value or a combination of values in the IgnoreServerCertificate box on the General page of the object's Properties view.

    The default value is 0 which means all of the certificate errors will be ignored.

In scripts

The IgnoreServerCertificate property takes an integer value.

Integer li_rtn
HttpClient lnv_HttpClient
lnv_HttpClient = Create HttpClient
String ls_json = '{"empId":100, "fname":" John", "lname": "Guevara"}'

// Not to validate the server certificate after sending request (default is 0)
lnv_HttpClient.ignoreServerCertificate = 0
// Send request using POST method
li_rtn = lnv_HttpClient.SendRequest('POST', "https://demo.appeon.com/PB/webapi_client/employee", ls_json)