Planning Your Installation

Before you install or upgrade, prepare your environment.

  • Identify the components and options to install or upgrade.

  • Make sure your system meets installation requirements.

  • Identify software required.

In the PowerBuilder 2019 R3 Installer, you can choose to install the following programs:

  • PowerBuilder (PowerBuilder IDE, PowerBuilder Runtime, and PowerClient App Publisher)

  • SnapDevelop (SnapDevelop IDE, .NET DataStore, and PowerScript Migrator for SnapDevelop)

    If you decide to install SnapDevelop, please also carefully read the Installation Guide for SnapDevelop. SnapDevelop user manuals are available online (

  • PowerServer (PowerServer (PB Edition), PowerServer Toolkit, PowerServer Help, and PowerServer Web Component)

    If you decide to install PowerServer, please also carefully read the Installation Guide for PowerServer (PB Edition). PowerServer Help can be accessed from Windows Start | Appeon | PowerBuilder 2019 R3 | PowerServer (PB Edition) | Help 2019 R3, or online (

    Note that PowerServer installation is not available in 2019 R3 Beta, and will be available in 2019 R3 GA release.