Installing PostScript Drivers

This topic describes how to install and use PostScript drivers for saving DataWindows as PDF.

Using the distill method for saving DataWindows as PDF requires a PostScript printer or printer driver installed on your system. Use the Windows Add Printer wizard to install a PostScript printer. If a PostScript printer was never installed on your computer or the required Microsoft pscript5.dll file is not available, the wizard might prompt you to insert a Windows operating system installation CD.

  • To add a PostScript printer to your system:

    1. Select Settings Printers from the Windows Start menu.

    2. Double-click Add Printer.

    3. Specify a local printer.

    4. Specify FILE: as the port.

    5. Select a manufacturer (for example, HP) and a printer with the designation PS (such as HP LaserJet Series 4050 PS).


      Some printers do not handle images correctly. For example, the HP Color LaserJet PS does not display images in the PDF output, and the HP LaserJet 4/4M Plus PS 600 displays color images using greyscale.

    6. Accept the default name or enter a shorter name for the printer.

    7. Complete the wizard.

  • To use the print driver in the DataWindow painter:

    1. Select the Distill Custom PostScript check box on the Data Export property page for PDF export.

    2. On the Print Specifications page, specify the printer name (added to the Printer Settings dialog in the previous procedure).

  • To use the print driver in a script, set the Distill.CustomPostScript and Printer properties.

    For example:

    dw_1.Object.DataWindow.Printer="HP LaserJet Series 4050 PS"