The Export Template view for XHTML

Each DataWindow object that you create has a default XHTML export template associated with it. You can see the default template in the DataWindow painter's Export Template view for XHTML.

Displaying the XHTML export template

The Export Template view for XHTML coexists with the Export Template view for XML, each on its own tab page with XML on the top by default. To display the view for XHTML, click the XHTML tab. If you have any problems displaying the view, select View>Export/Import Template>XHTML from the menu bar or select View>Layouts>Default and then click the XHTML tab.

The XHTML export template is a single-instance document of the <form> element. It stores only the structural layout and any changes that you make to the elements, attributes, and style declarations. When XHTML is generated, these changes are incorporated into the <form> element and the CSS stylesheet used to render the DataWindow in the browser. More than one export template can be created for a DataWindow.

Default style rules and most default attributes are not stored in the template. Any changes to style declarations are stored in the template, but at runtime they are removed and applied to the separately generated CSS stylesheet.

In the Export Template view for XHTML, you can reference DataWindow column, computed field, and text controls, and DataWindow expressions for each row in the XHTML, wherever character data is allowed. At runtime, these are replaced with text.